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    How to create a GREP query with find a replace


      Can anyone please assist with the following GREP example, I would greatly appreciate it.


      FIND: Any line beginning with a number (could be single or double digits) that could be just a number or include 2 numbers with dashes in between (i.e. "2-3")


      REPLACE: With a tab at the beginning of the line and place after the number (or numbers, as mentioned earlier) a tab + "indent to here"


      Here is the example:


      1 cup nuts

      10 oz. sugar

      2-3 cups cereal



      [tab] 1 [tab] [indent to here] cup nuts

      [tab] 10 [tab] [indent to here] oz. sugar

      [tab] 2-3 [tab] [indent to here] cups cereal


      Thanks much in advance.