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    Why is LR duplicating photo twice DSC_XXX-2




      Over the past few months LR has been duplicating my photos upon import and naming the second one DSC_XXX-2.NEF. I have the 'Do Not Import Suspected Duplicates' button checked off.


      Eg. DSC_003.NEF and next to it in the Library mode after finished importing there is also a DSC003-2.NEF


      Same file. Just imported twice. It doesn't happen for all photos just random ones. Bizarre.


      This has occurred with both my SanDisk CF cards, as well as Sony XQD cards hence throwing out the window a possible card issue.

      On my CF cards it is happening regularly. On the XQD card it just started happening.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. It's becoming very irritating and frustrating.