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    What happened to the internet?


      Remember when Apple started whining about Flash and everyone proposed a "better way"? It's been 6 years and not only have I NOT seen a replacement or anything CLOSE to a replacement, but the internet itself has suffered.


      I remember back when there were actual cool destinations online, and most were driven by Flash and its interactivity and graphics. Now we have square (literally square) websites with parallax layers and clickable areas. We went from being able to port C++ to Actionscript to... HTML5 and Wordpress? Responsive design and mobile friendly, non-hover buttons?


      I'm not here to drudge up the old arguments. I'm here, in the future, complaining about the fall of the interactive internet. Here I am, 6 years later and the claims made for a Flash replacement made by Apple and others is not only NOT here, I don't see it happening in the near or far future.


      Thanks to their pompous ideas and cash grabs, the internet is now lame. It's SOOOO lame now. SO lame.


      I propose a resurgence of Flash. I propose we dig up our old copies and reinstall. I propose we code awesome sites again. I'm tempted to write a site using every version of Flash ever released since Macromedia Flash 4 (where I started).


      I'm just SO sick of HTML5 sites. I'm sick of everything currently out there because it is NOT Flash.


      I miss Flash. I miss having destinations on the internet.


      Let's bring back Flash. Pick back up where we left off before Apple made us wandering, one-armed zombies viewing life on a touchscreen.