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    Plugin Parameters not making its way info.plist


      PhoneGap Build compiles an ipa file for me just fine, but when trying to submit to iTunes Connect via AppLoader I get this error:


      The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format: [$DROPBOX_APP_KEY].  URL schemes to begin with an alphabetic character, and be

      compromised of alphanumeric characters, the period, the hyphen or the plus sign only. Please see RFC1738 for more details.


      My config.xml:


      <plugin name="uk.co.cv-library.plugins.DropboxChooser">

          <param name="APP_ID" value="[app_id]" />

          <param name="DROPBOX_APP_KEY" value="db-[app_key]" />



      Any ideas on how I can fix this? Tx!