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    onPress and scenes

      I was thrown into a project created by our design department. Being a programmer, they assume that I have infinite knowledge as to why computers do the things they do, so I'm always under fire. They create the FLA and hand it to me to make it work. I have limited time to get this working and have little experience with Actionscript. I have found a few things. The designer created this elaborate interface with buttons and different screens. They split the project into seperate scenes for each screen of the presentation. They then cut and paste the onpress events for EVERY key into the first frame of every scene. (Each scene has it's own "copy" of the buttons from the previous scene. Without completely rebuilding the FLA to use one layer for the keys and another layer for the content, is there a quick and efficient way to map onPress events to all the scenes without pasting them in the first frame of every scene? The problem with them being in the first frame is that some of the scenes don't seem to be setting the onPress event to all the keys (and I haven't found out why).
      Objects created by me in the first frame of the first scene are the ony way I can pass variables across scenes that I've found.
      When a new scene is introduced, all events from the previous scene are dropped(?)
      Can I take the existing objects on the timeline and though them into an object and delete the existing object? This way all the objects persist across scenes?

      Just looking for some information here to make my job easier.