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    How to preserve master pages on export to IDML?

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      Parts of my inquiry have been addressed here, but still not clear on how to prevent a recurring problem.


      I'm working on a very large complex book (~400 pages). Over time the file gets bloated and I save as IDML, and then re-open in the same version (2015.4) which I was was working in before. I know from experience that opening and IDML in a PREVIOUS version can cause all sorts of problems, but I don't understand my master page guides are getting shifted when I reopen and save as an INDD.


      Also, many of the document pages have lost all of their master guides, even though they are still marked as having the master page applied. I have to re-apply the master pages across the document.


      As I may have to save as IDML again, what can I do to prevent this from happening? I just locked all the guides on the master pages. Is there anything else I can do?


      The rest of the file "appears" ok, but I'm worried that something else may have shifted. What else should I check for? What can be done to prevent these problems?


      Much appreciated.


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          Migintosh Level 4

          If you have been asking about this in other threads, you have probably been given the advise to split the book into chapters. This will keep a huge file in more manageable chunks. The lower file-sizes will be less susceptible to crashing, and if one chapter does crash, you won't have to redo the whole book.


          I'm not sure about the guides, but doing a save-as will also remove some of the bloat in a file, and is less drastic than IDML.

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            mlondon88 Level 1

            Yes, have been advised to split into chunks, but that is not workable for me.

            I havent had any crashing, just bloat.

            I do a save as every day to create a backup, but will reverse this and use the "SaveAs" copy as my new master.

            Thank you!