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    Unable to access Adobe Color CC "My Themes" though logged into Adobe CC account

    ecycled Level 1

      Just today, on both my iMac and iPad, I've been unable to access the "My Themes" tab within Adobe Color CC even though I am logged into my Adobe CC account. It continues to ask me to sign in which returns me to the same screen (and situation). Also happens if I create a new color theme and click the "Save" button. Screen shot below shows the issue.


      I've restarted Adobe CC using "Command+ Option+R" on iMac without success. I've logged out of my Adobe account within browser (both iMac and iPad) and back in with no effect. I've restarted computer with no effect. No other Adobe products are running when this error occurs.


      Just a note: I do have access to the color themes (that would have been found in "My Themes" ) within my Adobe CC Libraries link as well as with my Adobe Libraries tab in Photoshop or Illustrator. Also my Adobe Capture app seems to be working fine.


      Any idea what is happening here?