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    Problem installing Adobe Flash Player




      I have been trying to install the Adobe Flash Player on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop.  I navigate to the download page and select the appropriate version (v23.0.0.162).  It starts downloading the file and the install begins.  It prompts me to allow to install.  I click "Yes" and it continues.  Before the install gets started good, I close all of my browsers and disable my virus software (Norton v22.7.1.32).  The install seems to work.  A browser opens and shows me other products that I may want.  But, when I go to verify if the install was successful (Flash Player Help) and click the "Check Now" button, it states it was not installed and points me back to the Downloads page.  I have tried to install and then reboot my laptop, but it still does not help.  I have even tried to install an earlier version of Flash Player and it still does not work.  Any help to correct this issue is much appreciated!!