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    Precomposing vector layers of Duik Rig

    Neo Conker

      I have a character imported from illustrator on various layers, arms, hands, body etc.


      Im want to make a rig with duik but i also may need to have the character be scaled up and down as well. I saw some threads on precomposing an illustrator layer to be big, then scale it down in the main comp, but i wondered how i'd go about that for the rig. Do i precomp every individual layer? Is it possible to precomp all the layers and retain certain functionality.


      These are the functions i need in my rig.

      - I need to be able to switch visibility of individual layers on the fly for different poses

      - scale the rig without losing resolution (like zooming a camera in, im not sure how duik rigs work with 3d layers)

      - move individual layers with controllers like the eyes and hands.


      So basically im just wondering whats the best course of action in dealing with rig size, do most people just keep all their regular layers in 1 composition and rig it with all the puppet pins and so fourth? Or do they do something else.