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    Saving File on MacOSX network

      We have a big problem when saving fla file with the new version of Flash (8) on our MacOS X network. We work with a centralisation of every files on a server on our network. The server works with the MacOS 10.3.9. The network operates with TCP-IP protocol between all the computers. The problem occurs when:
      1. I open from a computer (MacOX 10.4.6) a file which is on the server.
      2. I make modifications (for exemple one line in a code actionscript)
      3. I save the file.
      4. The time to do this saving operation is incredible. With a file of 20Mb and a little modification that takes more than 10 minutes to save the file!!!.... I have tried every possibility to save it (save/save under/ save and compress/...) Always the same problem.

      When I work in local (.fla on my computer and saving on my computer) it's normal but irrealistic when you work with different developpers.
      If I open the .fla file which is on the server from a computer with Windows XP, I have no problem. This bug occurs only when you try to save a fla file from a MacOSX computer to an another one. So it's impossible to work with network (OSX->OSX ) and centralisation of file on one server...

      Anyone have a solution? Is it a known bug? This problems didn't exist before the version 8.