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    Placing Images in XD

    Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

      Is there a mechanism similar to InDesign's File > Place within XD?


      I know I can drag and drop images form Finder into XD objects, and also can do the same from Bridge. This involves juggling windows so that I can see the source and target at the same time, and in general feels clumsy. It would be convenient to choose File > Place like you would in InDesign, and then grab a bunch of images to load into the "placement gun." Similarly, it would be really nice to see XD show up in Bridge's File > Place menu.


      Maybe this the of thing already exists, and I don't see it? Or maybe I'm "doing it wrong?" Any cause welcome.




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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Mike-


          You can import multiple items by using the Import command (File > Import, or Cmd-Shift-I). While we don't have an explicit Place command, it'll at least get multiple images into your file with one command. As for Bridge, the best place to put that is in the Bridge forum:




          Hope that helps!



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            Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Elaine,


            Thanks for the response. Yes, Import works, but without being able to point at objects and paste them in like you would with Indesign's placement feature.


            I'll definitely suggest the Bridge integration over at the Bridge forum as well. Thanks again,