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    What does the new Adobe Stock Contributor portal mean for Fotolia contributors?

    MatHayward Adobe Employee

      If you are an existing Fotolia contributor, you can continue to upload and submit your content through Fotolia – there’s no change. Your content will be featured on both Fotolia and Adobe Stock and is available to the word’s largest creative community.


      Interested to try the new Adobe Stock Contributor Site? By all means, go ahead! When you sign in for the first time you will be prompted to sync your Adobe ID with your Fotolia account. If your email address is the same for both, we will do this automatically. Syncing with your Fotolia account means that your Fotolia portfolio and rank will be available in the Adobe Stock Contributor portal. There’s no impact to your Fotolia account, you can continue to log in on Fotolia with your credentials as before.


      We strongly recommend to sync your accounts, which is only available on your initial login. You will not have the option to do it at a later time.


      Check out our Contributor tutorial page for instructions how to use the new site.

      For more information, FAQs and submission guidelines, check out our Learn & Support page