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    Licenced images by mistake


      I was clearing out some old images from my Libraries and accidentally clicked the 'Licence & Save' icon instead of the 'Trash' icon. The images were automatically licenced without any warning - perhaps a further step should be added - i.e "The following image will be licensed and will use 1 credit, OK?"


      Is it possible to reverse these purchases? The images are 51696957 & 40703547.

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          EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

          Hi Design creative,


          I've granted you credit for the two images. Could you provide specific steps on how you accidentally licensed these images? Were you on the Adobe Stock website or using a particular program when this occurred? I'd like to pass this on to our product manager.


          Thank you!



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            WarrenCreative Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the credits.


            I was on the Adobe Stock website.


            I went into Libraries via the navigation at the top right. One of the libraries had a number of unused images I wanted to delete. I was quickly running through the images - when you mouse-over them there are 4 icons (Licence, Save Preview, Find Similar & Delete). Since most of the images were portrait format, the icons are close together, so when working fast, I clicked the Licence & Save icon instead of the Trash, but there is no second step if you click licence, it says licensed with a blue check on the image.


            Hope this helps.