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    Adding a redirect after video


      I recently created an intro video with After Effects and exported it through Adobe Media Encoder in MP4 format.  What I want to do is to make it so that once the video completes, the browser redirects to another URL (the home page).  Does anyone know the step by step process of adding a redirect into the video at the end?  I assume I would need to regenerate the video but how to I add the redirect first?  Any help here would be appreciated!  If anyone has a link to a similar website with an intro video and auto redirect when it completes, I'd sure like to see it as well... thanks in advance for any help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing to do with the video for the most part. This is handled by metadata and the website itself. All you can do is add markers and add an URL to it in AE, but whether this is good for anything is an open question. Most of that functionality is busted and will not carry over to the actual video and even if it does, whether or not it will actualyl do anything is determined by the player settings. This is a more complex issue and you need to do a bit of research.



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            imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

            And to add to what Mylenium said - I think that better place for you to ask about that kind of stuff would be Flash/Animate forum not AE.