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    How does Phonegap support newly released Android/iOS versions?




      I have been trying for a few days to find this information. First, I am a javascript developer, and we are trying at work to find a solution for packaging our already built web smartphone app into a hybrid one, and phonegap would be our choice.


      The problem is that we need to know/understand how does Phonegap support newly released versions of Android/iOS. Meaning, for example, iOS 10 just launched. Do apps built with phonegap work already on it, or will they soon? If the newly released OS versions comes with new features in their API, when will they be supported? I'm guessing we could find plugins for this?


      I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge on how apps are built for Android/iOS, native APIs, etc. As I said, I'm a frontend developer, but still learning about mobile and will get on it. Right now I just need to understand the things above.


      Thank you!