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    Shuddering Text Crawl

    Point Happy
      We are trying to include a news-feed text crawl in an application we are doing. Getting it to run is no problem, getting it to run smoothly, without hesitations is a big problem. Even when all the text is visible on screen, and it's just moving across the screen without letters coming onto the screen or leaving the screen, there are hesitations in the motion.

      Since we are putting in a news feed, we used dynamic text of course, to be able to include any amount of text, we read the length of the string that is input and derive an _x scaling factor for the text that is applied to the dynamic text box and start and end points for the motion. Then as the swf plays, we move the symbol 5 pixels to the left each frame.

      It seems like the fact that we are moving the symbol with the text in precise pixel increments would ensure that our motion should be pretty stable. We have tried many methods including doing the location updates on the main timeline and doing them within a symbol. Using a floating point number rather than an integer seemed to smooth it a bit.

      I know that lots of text can be a problem for flash because of needing to stroke the letters. Does anyone know how Flash handles letters that are beyond the clipping plane. Does it just ignore them or does it stroke them and then clip them?

      Any help we can get is appreciated.