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    Interactive Flash Map


      Our development team is looking for representative / partner to distribute our products or unitize in your custom projects. We are a team of interactive mapping professionals.

      For years of development we have established our own environment (Borland Together, FDT (Eclipse plug-in), MTASK (Compiler), ANT/Apache-ANT) to develop Flash-GIS mapping tools that are successfully implemented in many areas (Real Estate, Statistics, Sales etc).

      Some information about our services and products is published on our website www.USFlashMap.com , however we have done many custom projects as well (such as GIS->Flash parser, publishing ESRI shapefiles in Fash format, developing custom mapping templates, GUI design, plotting real location in long/lat on different mapping projections etc).

      We are looking for a person or company to promote our services or develop joint projects.
      Our contact information is on our website, we would be glad to discuss opportunities Skypy/Phone.