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    Maps menu very slow to respond

    lrc50711614 Level 1


      Since about 6 months, the maps module is either very slow to "catch" - or even doesn't work.

      Slow to "catch": I get a white page, and then a grey page. The pins appear, and finally the imagery, but very slowely, with sometimes empty squares ("no image for this zone"). The whole sequence can last up to one or two minuts.

      Doesn't work: it stays on a grey page, and nothing happens. I may get something if I try several times, or if I restart LR.

      In other threads on this forum, I read that similar problems occurred a few years ago and that it was due tu the OS version (Yosemite I think).

      Any idea if this problem is known and if it can be resolved.

      PS: my internet connection is working properly.

      Other details: iMac 27", end 2012. 3,2 GHz Intel Core i5. 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 Mo. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

      LR 6 CC 2015.7