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    unload a movie but gotframe or reverse frames

      Ok, I have a base movie with a background that holds the buttons/nav and main logos. I had loaded a content movie in there with a stop at the last frame. What I want to do now when I click a nav button, say '3D graphics page' the 3D graphics page loads the 3D graphics movie (know how to do that) and the content page unloads gracefully, say playing the frames backwards to where the page started and unloads as the pages all come in nicely. Maybe just to go to another frame for a mini animation to ease out of the page to transition to the loading movie.

      All the nav buttons would need to be able to call the diffrent movies up whilst the previous movie unloads gracefully so I guess actionscript on the buttons wouldnt work?

      Maybe the onUnload command? Never used it.

      Can I acheive this?