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    Tile joining plugin/script needed


      I need help as this is somewhat urgent and I have no idea about scripting in PS yet. I need a PS CC 2014 script/plugin which joins all the images in a chosen folder into one huge image based on their filenames, which follow the pattern tile_X_Y.png where X and Y are tile coordinates which can be positive (no character) or negative ("-" character) and vary in number of digits (no preceding 0's). An ability to choose tile size and axis directions would be great but in my case 100x100 px is needed, horizontal coordinates grow to the right and vertical way down, so tile_-3_7.png should be moved 300px to the left and 700px down. The PNGs have transparency which should not be lost (no opaque background layer), if in the folder there are files with filename not following the pattern then they should be omitted.


      I think this should be easy but I really have no time to do that myself, I'll appreciate any form of help.

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          Why would you think that anyone would want to do your work because you can not and have not time to do it?  Yes it would be easy for you if someone did your work.  If it is really urgent you have a big problem IMO. User here like to help other users learn you seem to have no time to learn.  I hope you appreciate what I wrote