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    Lightroom 6 update failed - Creative Cloud by backdoor

    David Hollis

      I have deliberately chosen NOT to take out a Creative Cloud subscription. I do not like nor trust cloud based services, and I do not want a significant monthly expense.


      I very much appreciate that it is still currently possible to purchase upgrades with a one-off expense.


      I have done this for Lightroom 6 on Mac.


      Today, I was offered an upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom.


      However, without any forewarning, Adobe Application Manager upgraded itself to a Creative Cloud version. I could really do without this! Just to use this application, I have to log in.


      To add insult to injury, it offers an upgrade to Lightroom CC (2015). This upgrade then fails!


      The error code is U44M1I210: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/error-u44m1i210-installing-updates-ccm.html


      Solution 1: I DO have an administrator account, and I did enter the system password.


      Solution 2: Done this, still failed.


      Solution 3: Lightroom 6 updates are not available, only Lightroom 5.


      Solution 4: I'm not inclined to do this.


      Solution 5: I've looked at the PDapp log file. There are a lot of errors!



      My concern is that I do NOT have Lightroom CC (2015). I have Lightroom 6, version 6.6.1 So, surely, the update is bound to fail because it is trying to update the wrong product?


      Please excuse the rant, I am very annoyed!


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,