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    CF 2016 PDF CMYK Format


      Ich suche die Einstellungen für cf 2016, um ein PDF zu generieren mit CMYK.

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          Jamo Level 2

          "Seeking settings cf 2016 to generate a PDF with CMYK." (Translation)


          Are you attempting to use CFDocument to "generate a PDF using CMYK images" or "generate a CMYK PDF with an ICC color profile"?


          I don't believe that any new features have been added to CFDocument since ColdFusion 9 and it barely functions with modern HTML, CSS & javascript.  (Only HTML 4.01, XML 1.0, DOM Level 1 and 2, and CSS1/CSS2 are supported.)  To learn more regarding CFDocument, go to ColdFusion Help | cfdocument and scroll down to "Supported CSS styles".  (If they provided unique IDs for their H1-4 headers, I'd be able to provide an anchor straight to the section.)


          If you are attempting to use non-RGB images, CFDocument's PDF generation will be really slow and may render the images properly.


          The work around that we've been using (and produces reliable, consistent results with CF8, 9, 10, 11 & 2016) is to use GraphicsMagick (opensource) to convert image color profiles to RGB (ColdFusion may throw an error depending on the source image) and then use WKHTMLTOPDF (opensource) to convert the HTML to PDF.