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    Dropping Frames when Importing From Premiere


      I'm not particularly new to Ae, but I can't figure this out. The clips are AVCHD from a C100. I cut and organized them together in Premiere CC 2015.3 and sent them to Ae CC 2015.3 to correct, grade, and animate. I export a low res file to make sure everything is looking good before I export the final, and there are frames missing.

      It's only after I put the project through Ae that this happens. In Premiere it looks fine. But, in all my Adobe programs (Pr, Ae, & Pl), when I drag clips into the timeline, they will glitch and seemingly corrupt. Idk why this happens but it has for the past several projects I've done.

      This has only started happening since I upgraded to a new computer, but I have no idea what that would have to do with anything. I can't figure this out and it's becoming a really big problem.

      https://vid.me/iNxZ - Export from Ae (H.264, YouTube 480 Wide Preset) The 5 sec black screen is a title from Pr that Ae for some reason can't understand. The dropped frame begin from the first clip.

      https://vid.me/hdra - Export from Pr (H.264, YouTube 480 Wide Preset) No dropped frames.

      Computer Specs:

      Windows 10

      Intel i7-4790K

      16GB RAM

      Ae & Pr both running on SSD

      Media Cache Disk on a separate mechanical HDD with 800GB alotted to it.

      Ae is set to use 10GB of RAM

      GTX 660

      I really hope someone here knows what's going on. Thank you in advanced!