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    Create build for windows mobile from Mac OSX.

    Vishal Sharma



      I am working on PhoneGap app.

      I am done with iOS & Android platform for my app.

      i did use XCode & Android Studio for create build for both.


      But I am struggling with Windows platform for create app for windows.


      I have tried below things via Terminal:


      phonegap platform remove windows

      phonegap local build windows

      [warning] The command `phonegap local <command>` has been DEPRECATED.

      [warning] The command has been delegated to `phonegap <command>`.

      [warning] The command `phonegap local <command>` will soon be removed.

      [phonegap] executing 'cordova platform add --save windows' ...

      [phonegap] completed 'cordova platform add --save windows'

      [phonegap] executing 'cordova build windows ' ...

      The following navigation rule had an invalid URI scheme and is ignored: "*".



      Error: No valid MSBuild was detected for the selected target.



      phonegap remote build windows

      [phonegap] compressing the app...

      [phonegap] uploading the app...

         [error] {"error":"app 2270357 not found"}



      So, i am unable to create build Locally or via remote.

      Please help me regarding it.