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    White pages when redacting


      One of my customers has Adobe Pro DC and they scan these huge (couple thousand page) pdf's that need to get redacted. They then take the pdf and begin redacting. Usually when they get somewhere around page 1000 or so (roughly) the next page turns completely white, however they can scroll back a page and the previous page looks normal. It has been in the past that when this happens if the user does a "save as" and saves the document (under another name), when the document saves, and they reopen the saved the white pages return to normal and they could continue to redact the document. However the last few times this has happened when they get to the white page and they go to a "save as" Adobe locks up and the loose everything. I have called and talked to Adobe, they have changed the NTFS permissions on the Adobe folder, they have modified the Adobe folder in the registery, so I am hoping that the community might have some additional ideas. This morning, I completely remove the display drivers, restarted the PC and then went to the manufacturer's website (in this case Intel) and made sure that they were up to date. I also have a secondary (test) computer that I am redacting a similar document on and so far do not seem to be having any issues on.


      Thank you in advance for your help.