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    Changing AIColor "Black" to AICustomColor "Black"

    btempleton1982 Level 2

      I've been dealing with this issue for quite awhile, and while I've found some work-arounds, nothing seems to consistently work in every case.


      My document has a kFourColor definition for "Black."


      I want to change the definition to a kCustomFourColor "Black."


      So, I can create all the color definitions, etc. but when it comes time to create my AICustomColorHandle, the only way I can find to get a valid one is by using AICustomColorSuite->NewCustomColor(...).


      That function takes a name for the custom color as a parameter. When I pass the name "Black", I get the "NAM2" error because "Black" is a reserved name.


      I have worked around this in some cases by using a dummy name when creating the custom color, then changing the name to "Black" later with AICustomColorSuite->SetCustomColorName(...). As I said, this doesn't always seem to work.


      It feels like we're just not supposed to be able to create "Black" as a custom spot color Global Process Color, but that's what my workflow here wants. And it does work in some cases.


      Anyone have any ideas? Is there some other way to get a valid AICustomColorHandle that I'm missing?

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          tomr11694738 Level 1

          well, I'm not good at CustomColorSuite, but anyway...


          Did some tests. Seems that "Black" is a reserved name for spot colors only, not for global process colors.


          At least this string works without errors:


          error  = sAICustomColor -> NewCustomColor (&customData, ai::UnicodeString("Black"), &newColor);


          "without errors" means that after GetCustomColorName (newcolor)  I get unicode string containing "Black" :-)


          but I noticed that Illustrator crashes if  flag for customdata is set to kCustomSpotColor and color is applied afterwards to some object with:



          MyAIColor.c.c.color = newColor;


          So if you need global process color, you shoud avoid this flag.

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            btempleton1982 Level 2

            I have had very similar results. I may not be actually naming the type of color I'm looking to achieve correctly. I know that in Illustrator, I can get Black to appear in the swatches with the "Spot" indicator next to it, and in the color settings viewable through the swatch panel, it is a Global Process color.


            I remember doing some testing with an older SDK, and I had a hard time corresponding the CustomColorSuite settings to what would show up in Illustrator, but I did eventually get there.


            I've had to use a couple different workarounds to get Black to work the way I want, but I do have it working 99% of the time.


            I just get the occasional crash on trying to modify Black, which prompted me to post the other day, since it seems like there should be a "right" way to do it, instead of what I'm doing which has a sort of smell.