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    Is there a plugin or other that can insert preformatted objects?



      I have an amateur sci-fi newspaper. I write and design it.


      When I say "object" I mean a group of elements that work together. E.g.: A title, the reporter's signature, the text, and other elements (like graphic elements for some special objects, like opinion or illustration).


      I keep these objects at a master page, but as new formats are appearing, it's getting a little cluttered. I thought about opening a new master page and copy-pasting the new formats there.


      Where I work they have a custom built software that you input a "figurine" (that's what they call it) and it pastes the required object with everything in place. E.g.: if I need a 5 column title, I'd type "title5col" at the software and it would paste this pre-formatted object, with the title box, the subtitle box, the signature box and the text box, with the right sizes and spacing between the boxes.


      Is there any plugin or other that does something like that? That stores my objects and I can call them when I need them, instead of copy-pasting every time from the masters?


      I hope I've made myself clear. Any question, ask away. Thanks a lot.