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    Lightroom Adjustment Brush - need urgent help


      Hi all -


      I'm in the middle of editing photos that have a deadline tonight and my Lightroom adjustment brush has started behaving crazy. Either it won't work, or when it does it will adjust a large portion of the image (though brush size is small) and will not respond to more than one large brush stroke.


      I'm running Lightroom CC on OS X El Capitan, both fully updated. Flow and Density sliders set to 100 (also tried moving them around), played with the auto mask selector, deleted my preference file and restarted the computer, have the adjustment brush turned on (the slider at the bottom of the window), played with showing the edit pins and the selected mask overlay. Everything I can think of and everything I've seen discussed here - nothing works.


      Has anyone experienced something like this and might have a clue?