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    Combining 2 Interactive PDFs into one

    mhay77 Level 1

      I'm creating a few interactive PDFs from Indesign using buttons and bookmarks. I have 40 pages that need to be in two separate PDFs. So the same set of pages/content needs to be in two PDFs along with other interactive content. When I started the project I thought I'd be able to create a PDF for those 40 pages and then just drag those pages into the two PDFs using Acrobat. But when doing so, the bookmarks don't copy over, and the buttons still try to reference the bookmark/destination in the original file.

      I have also tried to copy/move the pages in Indesign but the same thing happens, the buttons remain but the bookmarks don't carry over.

      I've tried to alter my linking method to use hyperlink destinations instead of bookmarks, but the same thing happens.

      I also tried linking out to this PDF using the "open file" command from a button, but I need this to stay in full screen mode and there was a glitch with full screen mode when trying to load another PDF.

      Right now the only solution I can see is recreating the pages in two Indesign files which has the other content for each PDF.