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    Stable off-shelf comp to run CC?

    IgF Level 1



      I'd really appreciate some advice.


      I'm in the middle of a very important job, tight deadline, professional reputation (such as it is) at stake, etc. and I'm having lots of issues with Adobe CC which are slowing me down.


      I mainly use Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audition to put together animatics for feature-length films (working at 1080 resolution, with basic temp soundtracks)


      Initially I was using a custom-made i7 laptop running Windows 10 with Nvidia GeForce GPU - it was doing OK until Premiere started crashing. So I bought an iMac Retina 4K, thinking that although slower, it would be more stable and problem free. So now Premiere seems fine but Photoshop is not doing well. Unless I can get it sorted quickly I'll take it back for a refund (not too impressed with the OS anyway) and get something else.


      Could anyone using those apps without issues tell me what computer they are using? Ideally off-the-shelf computers available in the UK, laptops or all-in-ones preferred.


      Many thanks.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          What version of Premiere (not CC)?

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            IgF Level 1

            At the moment I'm using:


            Premiere Pro CC (2015.3 - according to Adobe CC desktop app.) or (2015.4 - according to the load screen of the actual app when I launch it - so I imagine it must be 2015.4)


            Photoshop CC (2015.5)


            Audition CC (2015.2)


            What I actually do with them is quite basic so I would happily use previous versions if that would solve issues - I understand this is possible although have not tried it yet. I could easily do what I do in Photoshop with CS4 or something like that and In Premiere with whatever version has Nesting (CS6?)


            Just thinking of that now, do you think installing an earlier version may help with issues? I mean, are later versions actually less stable than older ones?


            Edit: Just tried Photoshop CS6 on the Mac and still the same problem (screen goes black every time cursor goes from tool icon to pointer icon as it exits the work area). So still looking for a computer that can run both Premiere and Photoshop without problems...

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              Averdahl Adobe Community Professional

              I run Adobe apps with no issues with an off-shelf HP Z440 Workstation. I bought the G1X59EA and added more RAM and bought a Nvidia GTX 980. Windows 10 installed. Three years on-site warranty is included. They have more models of the Z440 aviable.


              I later changed the graphic card to a Titan X (Pascal) and it was one of the best upgrades i have ever done.