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    Acrobat DC - doesn't see ANY network drives!

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      Acrobat DC 15.017.20053, latest version available. Windows 7 Pro 64.


      Acrobat DC doesn't see ANY of the drives on my network! I don't use this program very much any more, but from time to time I need to run it. I tried to retrieve a folder of PDFs from a network drive and - but there are NO drives visible when I click on the Network!


      Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc etc etc have no problem with this. I vaguely recall that there is some sort of odd "Protected Mode" for Acrobat  out there, but a little Googling around showed no useful info of recent vintage.


      Is there a setting somewhere in Acrobat's more or less indeciperable user interface that I've missed?