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    Can't use Remote Object on HTTPs only server

      I'm trying to get a Remote Object to work on an HTTPs only server (one that does not accept HTTP connections). I have it working fine over a regular HTTP connection. I then remove the AMF channel definition in the flex-enterprise-services.xml and replace it with a SecureAMF channel definition and update the destinations in the flex-remoting-service.xml to use the SecureAMF channel. However, when I execute the SWF I see in the web server logs that it is POSTing to messagebroker/amf not messagebroker/amfsecure. Also, if I open up the server to allow HTTP connections, but only configure SecureAMF channels I get the following error:

      "No configured channel has an endpoint path '/messagebroker/amf"

      The stacktrace indicates it's coming from the flex.messaging.MessageBroker.getEndPoint(MessageBroker.java:297). This seems to indicate that the Flex Data Services cannot run on an HTTPS only server.