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    Error 404 while posting data to local file

    kasjuszek Level 1



      In project's www folder I have app.xml file with some data deserialized during application start. I use jQuery GET to read settings like in example:

      $.get("app.xml", function(data){




      The issue begins with trying to serialize new data back to the file. The simplest way is to use POST method (I tried also XMLHttpRequest and FileWriter):

      $.post("app.xml", function(data){




      When i run this function, console responds with some kind of access problem (while get works fine):

      POST 404 (Not Found) send @ jquery-2.1.4.js:8630ajax


      I've read about similar problems, the solution was always cordova whitelist plugin. In my case it did not work, neither in browser, nor in android app.


      <plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist" source="npm" spec="~1.2.1"/>


      <access origin="*"/>

        <allow-intent href="*" />

        <allow-navigation href="*" />

        <platform name="android">

          <allow-intent href="*"/>



      It looks to me that I miss some data write privileges, but it's weird to me, that it doesn't work even in browser. How should I properly store program settings?