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    FIX Prototype mode zoom - add in the zoom tool

    elliot_rock Level 1



      As much as I like XD and don't mind the switch between the Design <> Prototyping mode, useful and used tools like the zoom must be brought over Prototyping mode.


      Its a complete UX issue not being able to zoom precisely in Prototyping mode. Often you are zooming into transparent shapes/hit spots to connect interactions.


      It is not good enough to remove an expected and common used tool, especially consider your users are more than likely to come from using drawing apps like Sketch or the Adobe range, where 'Z' to bring out the zoom tool is next to using 'space' to moving the canvas as constantly used tools.


      Please fix this glaring issue. Sorry not in a polite mood, still got issues with Adobe killing off the best vector drawing App ever Freehand... lol... RIP.




      Elliot Rock