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    FLV animation scaling issue

    ErwinsCat Level 1

      Attached you can see the snapshots from an animation.

      I converted the *.PNG sequences to *.FLV (with AE.6, Best setting) as our developers required. Then I imported them into flash as an "embedded FLV in SWF" file.

      in some monitors,The quality of the published animations is considerably lower than animation created directly from *.PNG sequences. I noticed this problem is linked to resizing of the published Flash Stage.

      to confirm that I used the action script code "stage.scaleMode=StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;" to lock the stage scaling to %100. notice the edges of the animation is jagged and pixelated when the flash file resizes or opened in a monitor with a different resolution proportion.

      Is there any way to preserve the quality of the animated .flv video when it scaled and resized?

      please notice I need a standalone Flv video with alpha channel.