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    A remaining problem with the new update


      Dear meenakshin83966505,

      Firstly thank you (Adobe) for the fast actions and the new update which solved the crashing and freezing problem.


      But I still have a slight problem which is when scrolling it seems as if the pages were being resisting at the point where the page number turns and it's really uncomfortable. (iPad 3 , iOS 9.3.5).


      I am still not totally satisfied with the new version like I were with 16.08.09 and I doubt it's the iOS causing the problem so is it possible that you (Adobe) could submit that old version (16.08.09) as an update so me and other old Apple devices' owners, who won't be able to get iOS 10, could use that perfectly working version and which was designed with no iOS 10 compatibility because I (and I believe many also would agree) don't need much of the updates but just a reliable and stable document viewer, which you provided for years, and then again release updates for the rest of Apple owners but persons like me won't update then because we have an efficient version that do what we need.