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    Learning After Effects CS6, is there an easy way?

    oxforduniversity Level 1

      I was wondering since time is valuable, how can I learn After Effects the easy way? I have the coursebook and I have looked at After Effect video's on Youtube but I want to find something easier to learn the software. Anyway idea's?



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional
          how can I learn After Effects the easy way?

          I would replace the word "easy" with "effective". if you want to save some time I would recommend NOT going to youtube at first.


          you can use Adobe's Ae tutorials page: After Effects CC tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC many useful tutorials from well respected authors.


          you can also subscribe to Lynda - Online Video Tutorials & Training. I am an Ae instructor and also a member and I use it many times. you can find many essential Ae courses there and much more. Ae is so versatile you would probably need to know Photoshop, Illustrator, Video editing and more. Lynda offers a vast resource for training for all of these. they are divided into small chapters and it's really easy and fun to learn. if you are a premium member you can also use the project files.


          you are making the right decision to learn it first before you jump in. Good luck!

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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

            It depends...do you have $5,000,000 & are you willing to part with ownership of your immortal soul?

            If not then no, there is no easy way.  Here is a very gentle path to get started What is After Effects? | Adobe After Effects CC tutorials

            It's not CS6 but the fundamental things you need to get started have not really changed.


            Out of curiosity, what is it about what you've seen that you find "not easy"?  Do the tutorials move too slowly and you don't have the time?  Do they bore you?  Sometimes people who are really smart have trouble with academia aimed at the average user.

            Try jumping to an intermediate or advance tutorial and see if they're a better fit for you. If you can't follow them then you need to go back to beginner stuff.


            Also, Pluralsight, which used to be Digital Tutors has a huge catalog of AE tutorials. Probabaly even alot of cs6 stuff & they're very easy to follow.