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    Is there a way to see your own submitted feature requests?

    Janus Bahs Jacquet Level 1

      (This isn’t really about downloading, installing, or setting up as such, but this forum seemed to be the closest match I could find, so I hope it’s not too off-topic here.)


      I have a footnote feature in InDesign that I would like to request. I remember that a while ago, I submitted a feature request that was also about footnotes in InDesign (and I suspect I’ve probably submitted other feature requests in the past as well); but I don’t remember what that feature request was actually about. So I wanted to go and look through my old submissions to check if I was about to submit a duplicate.


      But search and look as I may, I can’t find any way to see my previously submitted feature requests anywhere on Adobe’s website or my profile here.


      Accidentally submitting a duplicate feature request isn’t the end of the world, but I figure if I’ve already submitted that request once, then there’s no need to type out and describe the whole thing and have someone from Adobe read it, search, find the old one, and mark it as a duplicate.


      Is there a way to see what feature requests you’ve submitted?