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    Beginner questions...


      I have some beginner questions about Breeze:

      We are interested in buying Breeze, but we already have an e-learning system and only are really interested in Beeze Pesenter. It is possible to purchase only this product and not the entire pack?

      Does anyone knows the price of this product?

      I have seen some of breeze presentations in the macromedia/adobe web site that were made with breeze, like the “breeze rapid training overview”:


      The presentation was made with breeze, but what about the contents in the presentation, they were created with witch software? Captivate??

      I see a small bar in the bottom of the presentation that I suppose was not created with breeze…

      We are planning to crate some e-learning courses with breeze and are trying to understand which software people use to create these cool presentations!

      Thanks for your help!

      Nuno Martins
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          JeremyCaptaris Level 1
          Looks like it was created with PowerPoint (with Presenter of course), Captivate, and Flash.
          If you have a SCORM/AICC compliant LMS, you could just purchase Presenter. Contact ye olde Macromedia/Adobe sales rep. Or you could probably get it for free with a trial of Breeze.
          Have fun,
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            I too am interested in a Breeze "authoring tool" to complement or replace our current tools (which include SumTotal Toolbook and Microsoft Producer). From what I can tell Breeze can do this job (assemble audio/video/power point,text components and produce an AICC, SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 package for delivery on CD or over the web) but nowhere can I find pricing for just this feature nor can I find a trial download.

            It seems (as the other poster indicates) that the trial "account" is for web conferencing functionality. I am not interested (at this point) in the web conferencing features.

            Is there anybody out there that provide any illumination on this subject?
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              i_am_captivate Level 1
              You can just purchase the Breeze Presenter, you don't have to get the Breeze Server and all that fun stuff, I know this because the people I work for have just the Presenter. The downloadable trail version for those who are wondering is just the Breeze menu, you cannot actually publish the presentation.

              But you can just purchase the presenter, and you do not have to set up monthly subscriptions. If you call the 1-800 number on this webpage,


              You will see you can just get the presenter

              I hope this helps

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                robva65 Level 2
                Hi All,

                We've got just the presenter component which allows us to create content without the need for the entire Breeze package (i.e.: Breeze server). As such, we're publishing content for deployment on other LMS's including Docent 6.5 and Knowledge Planet. A quick drawback to this is that we've had to do a fair bit of testing to ensure that the Breeze content that we've produced "plays nicely" with these other systems, and after intial trials, we determined that surveys created using the plugin will not work with Docent 6.5. For whatever reason, it just won't recognize surveys in Breeze. After speaking with a couple of folks at Adobe/MM, all I was told was that the survey function was a "Breeze only" thing.

                As for pricing, we paid $5k for a 5-user license; and yes, that's pretty steep for this product, but given the sheer amount of work that we've done as a result, in our view, it's been worth it. The caveat of course, is that one needs to balance what you're willing to pay for software vs. doing it all yourself (or using other tools) vs. what your client(s) are willing to pay for developing material. That's an argument that's not likely to change or go away any time soon for most folks.

                Regarding publishing using the trial version, make sure you have a trial account set up with Adobe/MM for the Breeze server. Right now I have Breeze 5.1; the trial version of this plugin, when we initially looked at it, allowed us to publish to the Breeze server ONLY; there was no option to publish locally to my computer, for example. Once we purchased the license for the plug in, our entire team was able to publish locally with no problem.

                Best to all,