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    Trying to find the most appropriate graphics card

    morrisonvp9 Level 1

      My current editing computer has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 graphics card, and I believe it is not able to adequately keep up with the latest version of Premiere Pro. I've looked at the list of Adobe's recommended graphics cards would like to make an upgrade. I'd like to get the best card that will serve me well, but I don't want to get something that would be overkill and not necessary. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


      Here are my computer's specs:

      HP 810-150se desktop computer

      Windows 10

      Processor- Intel Core i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz

      Installed RAM- 16 GB

      System Type- 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor


      -Ken M.