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    Re-create project from SSL?

      Hello All,

      Please forgive my inexperience. I've been assigned to updating an exisiting online help doc for my organization. The person who was previously working with the project has left the company, and the only files that I have access to are what's contained in the SSL folder. I need to edit the content of existing topics as well as add some new topics, but I can't seem to figure out to access the project other than piece-mealing the individual topic .htm files. Is there a way that I can use the data from the SSL file to create a new project as if I were accessing the original .xpj or .hpj?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Xeyro

          Perhaps the link below will help.

          Click here

          Cheers... Rick
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            Xeyro Level 1

            That's pretty much what I was expecting to hear. At least I know I'm not overlooking something simple!
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again

              It seems odd to me you would be aware of the !SSL! yet not have the source files available. Most folks in your position would be unaware of the SSL folder.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Xeyro Level 1
                I agree...

                Perhaps it's just my inexperience. I've been provided with a hyperlink with the folder path that when clicked, opens up the help doc in IE. If I follow the path manually, it leads to a project folder that has only the !SSL! folder in it. The !SSL! folder has only the WebHelp folder, and in the WebHelp folder I can see all the topics and other nuts and bolts but no files with a type of RoboHelp HTML Project File (I was told that the previous employee used RoboHelp HTML.)

                I was able to successfully import one of the topic pages into a new help file, but it had the red boxes that you (I assume you are the only RoboWizard) mention in the article that is linked to within the link you provided.

                From what I've learned through trial and error, it seems as if the prior user had the project saved elsewhere but would publish to the project folder. Is this possible? Perhaps I'm not understanding correctly.
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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  LOL, yep as far as I am aware, I'm the only RoboWizard.

                  Unfortunately it's anyone's guess when you assume work like this. Would have been nice if you had the former person there to ask questions of. How they did things, WHY they did things, etc.

                  Based on what you have provided it would seem you don't have many options but to reinvent the wheel. Such a shame.

                  Holler back if you have other questions. We will try and help as best we are able.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    Xeyro Level 1
                    Yeah, it definitely would have been nice to have had a walk through prior to their departure date. But, not much we can do about that now I suppose.

                    Will do, and thanks for all of your help!
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                      ElisaFnord Level 2
                      My guess is that the original project folder and source files would have been stored on your co-worker's old PC, rather than on a network drive. Do you access to the PC or the content of its hard drives?

                      Even if the PC has been scrubbed and repurposed by the company, sometimes the IT department keeps an image of it on a server somewhere. Ours does, and a good thing, too - I got a new PC and some critical files were "lost in translation," but the IT department raised the ghost of my old C: drive from the image so I could copy them.

                      It's worth a try...
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                        Xeyro Level 1
                        Thanks! I'm planning on going that route on Monday, so hopefully we'll be able to find something. I'd obviously rather not have to re-do everything, so wish me luck!