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    How to display "-1" with an unformatted Table (Excel Spreadsheet) in InDesign




      If you place an unformatted table (Excel Spreadsheet) in InDesign cells with "-1" are not displayed :-(


      The solution from Adobe is to use formatted tables, but thats no option for us, because if the numbers in the excel sheet got updated, InDesign loses the actual formatting and rebuilds the formatting from excel :/


      The problem is comprehensible for Adobe but we only got the hint to ask in the forum for a solution.


      I think the problem is operating system and InDesign version independent - we have the problem everywhere (Windows 7,8,10 and Mac OS X, CS6 and CC) - its a constand bug/feature.


      Has anybody a solution or a workaround for our problem? :-)


      Thank you in advance!