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    Basic info re setting up lightroom mobile synching


      Hello I have just acquired LIghtroom CC and am new to it. I fear I may be being a bit stupid here, but am trying to set up Lightroom mobile following online instructions and those in a book, and am failing! I am stalling at the outset, and would appreciate it if someone patient would nudge me in the right direction, as the options I am given do not seem to be what I should be getting (according to aforementioned sources - Adobe and Scott Kelby book.)



      I am signed in, and when I click the drop down menu from my name I get this:


      2016-09-21 (1).png

      If I click on 'start' I get this:


      2016-09-21 (2).png

      or this





      If I restart, when it reopens I get the second message again.

      Clicking on 'delete previously synced photos takes me to a web page with this sort of stuff on it:Capture2.JPG

      The '1 collection' referred to is the result of me messing about and uploading stuff form my computer, not from LIghtroom. I assume that's not what one is supposed to do.

      What am I not seeing/doing wrong?!

      n.b. There are no grey sync buttons next to collections.


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          arjunhaarith Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          When you open Lightroom Web (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ) , do you see any photos/collection that are not a part of your current catalog ?

          Based on the screenshot, I see that there are 12 photos that are already synced as a part of your synced catalog (might be a different catalog than the one which you are currently trying to sync). Currently, Lightroom has the ability to sync only one catalog at a given instance. So if you wish to sync the current catalog , you would have to delete the photos from the previously synced catalog. Once this is done, you can start syncing the current catalog.


          Probably, those 12 photos would have synced if you had used Lightroom Mobile earlier.


          Note : If you click on 'Delete previously synced photos', only the synced photos will be removed from the cloud. But the photos will be available in the local catalog.


          Please let me know if you have any queries or need more information on this.




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            I have exactly the same issue. Lightroom mobile is synced with an pictures from an old mac, an iPad and an iPhone. I recently had to buy a new mac and just installed Lightroom on the new machine (CC 2015.7).There are currently no photos in that new lightroom library. When i want to synch the new computer with Lightroom mobile I get the same dialogue as the user above describes. It asks me to remove the Lightroom mobile catalogue and all of its photos?! Surely that can't be correct.


            I understand that lightroom mobile is not designed to handle multiple desktops. I'm not trying to do that. I can't access the old computer anymore.

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              Lightroom mobile syncs from the desktop to the cloud. Only one catalog can be synced. You can't sync the other direction from cloud to desktop. In other words, you can't set up a brand new catalog, and have it sync to the images previously synced to mobile. I think this is what you are trying to do. If you have a new computer, you just need to find the catalog file on your old computer and copy it to the new one. The file is probably in the pictures folder. It will have the extension .lrcat.

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                Can I jump in here as this Lightroom mobile sync ability is very poorly defined. I have a mac with my main catalogue plus a phone and tablet syncing new snaps through lightroom mobile syncing iMac and both mobile devices. It worked mostly well for 4k snaps and a few key collections.


                Then I added a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, loaded Lr then tried to the sync mobile images. I got a similar pop-up above in post #1 about needing to use a new catalog. The only way forward for sync meant I needed to say yes. I did that then it began to sync all my 4k snaps fine and after a few hours it was complete. I then went through a few hundred snaps and flagged delete in Lightroom on a Surface Pro 4 which worked quite well although I look forward to Adobe's improvements in the Win 10 interface next Lr release.


                This morning I opened Lr on my mac and got this:

                Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.21.30.png

                Now I'm in a big worry about screwing something up...loosing my mac image catalog or loosing my Lr mobile image catalog...or loosing the surface pro 4 mobile image catalog..or.... Help is really not good enough and is open to ambiguous meanings as is the dialogue above. Is it talking about a MOBILE only sync catalog or my main catalog? Arghh!


                Your reply Theresa above gave me a pointer to an error I'm making in that I cannot have a mac and surface tablet and sync images and changes between them through Lr mobile (including phone and tablet). If true this is a feature Lr mobile must encompass in the future, CC license allows two 'desktop' installations.


                Any pointers on my mac to get back to what I had without loosing anything? I don't want to miss a beat, although everything is backed-up.