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    need advice responsive mobile menu with top-level and child pages

    ftgben Level 1

      I am converting a fixed desktop website into a responsive website to include mobile. Before I get into my question, let me explain the menu navigation and what problem it represents. The fixed site has MANY top level pages with their own content and child pages with their content. When a person clicks on a top level page, the child page tabs show up prompting the user to click on one of the child pages. The problem is the user skips over the top level page and can easily not know it is a page with content - it appears that it is just a category for the child pages. So my work around on the desktop site was to create button links back to the specific top level page. (not a perfect way, but I don't know how to get around this).


      So, moving into the mobile menu; I have used the accordion widget as the container and have dropped in the regular muse menu widget (vertical) to where the top level pages will pop down just like they are supposed to. Then, when you tap one of the top level page categories, the child page menu shows up and AGAIN, the user is prompted to select or tap one of the CHILD pages skipping over the TOP LEVEL page, just like the desktop version. They bigger problem is on a phone, if I have a link from the child page  back to the TOP LEVEL page, it is small because of the format.


      Most tutorials (in fact all that I can find) only have one level of navigation with top tier pages and do not have child pages.


      Any advice on how this can be changed (preferably without redesigning the entire site) so when you tap on a top level page it opens, but yet the user would be prompted to know that there are more pages under that top level page.


      Sorry for the long explanation of this post, but now other way to explain it.