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    Any way to contact Adobe Engineering Team about Sync fiasco?




      As a more than a decade old customer who was mostly happy with Adobe products, I find myself reconsidering my thoughts on Adobe's services.


      So, while completely happy with my stand alone software, I decided to try subscription model before buying, for only "one" reason:

      - Using the sync option of Lightroom/Lightroom Mobile in order to enhance my workflow and be able to cull images on the go, on my iPad Pro.


      I found myself baffled on how painful and slow it was to sync few thousand pictures, especially when rival services from Apple and Google can not only sync and maintain but also smoothly consolidate data from multiple devices/sources, let alone other serious cloud solutions.

      My main problem is, like most of the posts in the troubleshooting area: The sync is stuck (thus not working, and making the whole idea of a mobile workflow useless).


      I am dazzled to how could engineers team not include a single troubleshooting option in the software, the advance status (which image), nor possibility to stop/cancel/restart a sync from the beginning, or maybe select priority on things to sync first?

      I feel helpless to go to the forums and end up with no help, or worse, contact the support to talk with clueless persons reading from the manual, with their first suggestion being "uninstall and clean install again", or even "delete all your data and start again, picture by picture" ... Really? You think all of us are playing with just few photos, or that we have so much time on our hand to spend days with a broken workflow, at least if the solution worked it can be understandable, but as most reported, it doesn't work. it randomly gets stuck again somewhere, sometime.


      So, is there a way to get a REAL support? Like we used to have a decade ago? From knowledgeable people or support engineers?

      Or at least, can a comment be passed to the engineers teams, such "Please make a troubleshooting button, where we can see where/why the sync is stuck, mark some pictures/collections as high priority or skip them"?


      Sincerely yours,

      An angry customer.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          There is a link on the Overview page of this forum that allows you to submit feature requests or bug reports.

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            LR6.6 added a "pending sync activity" section in Preferences under the Lightroom Mobile tab


            Check there to see if that helps you find the stuck item.

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              Until Lightroom Mobile has point to point transfer directly to and from Lightroom it will remain worthless to me.  Going through internet transfer is not very workable.

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                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Transfer over the internet is perfectly workable, I routinely sync hundreds of new pictures, and in 2 1/2 years of using LrMobile I've never once missed peer to peer transfer. FWIW At first I had 10mbs upload, now it runs around 20mbs.


                The OP doesn't appear to have read the responses to his/her previous post, where the point about "a troubleshooting button, where we can see where/why the sync is stuck" was answered, but Sync does appear variable. Sometimes an image or video seems to be stuck, or in the last weeks the whole process seems slower. I've speculated that it's due to bandwidth issues caused by people uploading raw files, but that's just a guess. In those cases it's frustrating that you can't sort things out yourself like when you screw up your home wifi. But you do have logs in both Desktop and Mobile. Signing out on various devices, including lightroom.adobe.com in the browser appears to help free things up, sometimes, though that may be just a Pavlovian thing.

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                  Einharch Level 1

                  The transfer over the internet would be workable only if it doesn't randomly fail completely. Other cloud services seem to do it quite well, sadly, it's not the case of Lightroom that just breaks with no way to fix it besides starting from scratch again.


                  It's nice that you didn't get any problem (yet), but people who have and have their workflow blocked have the right to be pissed, and it's the main reason we come to a "support" forum.



                  Please don't assume things on the "op". I did read the answer and tried them, just they aren't helpful.

                  I have a 20 years+ background as a sys op, so I know perfectly how to find problems and fix them, at least when the software makes it easy to, in other cases, I always start by searching a lot, seeing what worked or not for others before going to the very last resort: the support services.


                  In your answer for example, you have a lot of "appears to", "seems to", "speculated that" ... I am sorry but as a pro with deadlines, I can't spend my time "speculating" or playing the guess game with a flower "will it work?", "no it won't".

                  In my case:

                  - It's not the internet, I have a 1Gbps sync at home, 2Gbps sync at work (the iPad is limited to ~150Mbps, but I don't sync anything from the iPad outside of picking/starring).

                  - 1 photoshoot is anywhere between 3 to 10K photos, I can't play the "delete all and re-sync again with fingers crossed"

                  - The current log is useless, as it doesn't state which image it is stuck on, or the reason it's stuck (and no one from Adobe Support ever asked me to send the log).

                  - The "Pending sync activity" is useless in its current implementation, as, when it's working, it will put the whole list of photos with "uploading" as a title, and when it doesn't, it's empty while the title (next to the plate) shows "sync X photos".

                  So even when it's working, you can't tell which are the pictures "currently" uploading and which are next, so impossible to guess if one of them is stuck or not.


                  In my numerous support sessions, some told me "maybe a video or a missing photo makes the sync stuck" ... I deleted all videos from the sync, double checked that I don't have anything missing, still have troubles. Nonetheless, when you make a program, it's a basic thing to have timeouts on an operation, limit the number of retries, skip when it can't work and report the error by the end of all operations ... Why Lightroom can't do that is way above my comprehension.