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    Reverse on Roll Off Question (Animations panel)

    BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

      If an object is set to Fade In On Roll Over (Self), and if Reverse on Roll Off is activated, should the object return to its invisible state when you mouse off of it?

      InDesign CCss_006.png

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          Pickory Level 3

          You would have thought so. Looks like the mouse out has not been implemented. Which is kind of weird, because I came across this today with out HTML export plugin. i will be implementing the mouseout.


          I would say its a bug.



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            Pickory Level 3

            Even more.. It seems that the reverse animation only works on buttons. ( I think ). Or, rather, can only be triggered from a button.




            Found it.

            Its in the TimingTarget. I was expecting a trigger event.

            reverseAnimationboolr/wSet to true if reversing animation on rolloff. Valid only for self rolloff trigger event.

            Not sure why it hasn't been implement in FXL epub,

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              First of all Pickory, thank you for looking into this for me. I have a client with floorplans who wants a color overlay to appear when she hovers over a room, and return to normal when she moves off. She's doing now, but with an unbelievably complicated set of show/hide fields. It would seem that the above animation panel settings would be a much more straightforward approach, but it doesn't work.


              So is your conclusion that it's a bug? It should work but doesn't work at the moment?

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                Frans van der Geest (ACP) Adobe Community Professional


                The way I do it: set two events: the Roll On action (start Animation)

                Then add a second event: Roll Off (Reverse Animation)

                Remember that is is also the only way for ePub/HTML as the button 'Reverse on Roll Off' is Flash Only; you can add several events to one single button ;-)

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                  Pickory Level 3

                  I think it is a bug. Frans has a suggestion.






                  Here is a sample of our export, showing the fade in / out



                  R.indd 1


                  A possible reason it is not being exported by Adobe is it is unreliable, mouse over too quick and you might get different results in browsers.

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                    MMCC Forensic Level 1

                    When can we expect a fix for this? For now, can Adobe at least change the label of the “Reverse on Roll Off” checkbox to append “(SWF Only)”? Getting it to actually work would be vastly preferable, of course (it does work just fine in the SWF Preview).


                    Am I correct in assuming that Frans’s suggestion only works for Buttons? I want an image to fade out to an underlying image (or an overlying one to fade in) on rollover, then reverse on roll-off. Basically, show a photo of a scene as the initial content, then fade over an artist’s rendition of same scene on roll-over of the image itself, then reverse on roll-off. I tried making the top image into a Button, but couldn’t figure out how to add the two events to it as Frans describes, and even the one didn’t seem to actually trigger in the EPUB Interactivity Preview, whereas doing it as an Animation on the (non-Button — I Undid that) image Frame ! Object on “Roll Over (Self)” worked fine except for the lack of Reverse on Roll Off in EPUB.


                    Is there a way to do this for an image and its caption text (in a separate text frame object below the image frame object) simultaneously with a single triggering event (preferably a roll-over on the image itself)? I tried Grouping them, but neither Animation nor Buttons nor even Object States (another tactic I tried and failed to get to do what I want) works with Groups so far as I can see (as in, you can’t assign an Animation to a Group, nor make a Group into a Button, nor create a Multi-State Object from multiple overlapping Groups).