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    RH2015: Search on Index Tab does not scroll


      We're publishing content using RH2015 and sometimes (sporadically), if the user types a keyword on the Index tab, it doesn't scroll the user to the requested topic or even the first letter of the search term. The user still has to manually scroll down and hope to find their search term.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What output are you creating? Is it happening with different browsers? Have you updated your RH2015 and regenerated your help?

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            charon170 Level 1

            We are generating regular WebHelp output. Our application is only supported with IE, and to launch the help, the application does a shell execute of IE. If you launch the help project from the file explorer, you don't see the index issue.


            I need to confirm w/ the help author about the specifics. We upgraded to 2015 a few months ago, and I believe we applied all patches, which fixed some issues that we were having, but not this one.


            Our Help is setup as below:


            The app uses the C++ code that RoboHelp includes -
            robohelp_CSH.cpp and robohelp_CSH.h.  The function that we call is
            RH_ShowHelp(), which is in robohelp_CSH.cpp.  The command that is passed
            is HH_HELP_CONTEXT.  We're not using any special viewer.  We just
            pass in WorldShip window as parent window, so it gets the UPS Icon.  I
            tried installing the RH 2015 and using the robohelp_CSH.cpp and .h that was
            included with that version.  I got the same behavior - Typing in the index box
            doesn't scroll the index topics


            And occasionally on some computers we get Javascript errors

            • whproxy.js and whtopic.js when trying to display
              the Index/TOC/Search pane on the left
            • And whhost.js when trying to scroll too fast on
              the index pane