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    Win10 (64bit-HomeEdition) - AFX Comp Window is blank - doesnt refresh, cant work in any version of AE (2015, 2014, CS6)

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      I have a brand new MSI GT73VR Laptop, where I am trying to install my basic workflow apps to do my VFX/Mograph Work.

      I am having an issue, where upon launch, I get a messed up Composition window, wether it be completely blank, or re-drawing issues...


      Then, Say I want to do a 2D Track on source footage, if I double click the source clip, AE either freezes up, or goes to another blank Comp window, no longer displaying or updating if I move the playhead across the timeline... I'll see the status bar update for that frame, but nothing ever re-draws or appears in the composition window panel.


      I am at a loss, I'm losing money, and valuable time, only to possibly just go back to my old Macbook Pro from 2012 to get this stuff done.


      I am on Windows 10 (home edition) 64 Bit (shipped w/ the laptop, I can't revert to Windows 7 Pro or I'd try -- F you microsoft!)


      I have 64 gigs of ram, and an Nvidia GTX 1080 video card w/ all windows updates installed, as well as all creative cloud updates installed, and all Nvidia drivers updated. Also I'm using a 34" samsung ultrawide monitor and have that updated w/ drivers as well.  I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for almost a week, and I am at my wits end right now.


      Bout to return this overpowered laptop for a weak Macbook if it means being able to use the actual CC because this is what I need most.  So frustrated right now.


      Its also never the exact same behavior, so I've added screenshots to show my issue. I will also have random freezes on app launch, I'm just stuck.AfterEffectsCC2014.PNGAfterEffectsCC2015.3.PNGAfterEffectsCC2015.3_V2.PNGAfterEffectsCC2015.3_V3.PNG