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    upgraded lightroom - missing folders


      Grateful to anyone who can provide a solution:


      The internal hard drive on my macbook pro crapped out yesterday and was replaced. 


      LR and all my images live on an external hard drive "BP", and nothing was done to that external hard drive.


      When I tried opening LR on my macbook, a message window popped up stating I needed to upgrade LR, which I did.


      Before today's update, I've always been working in Lightroom 5 Catalog 3.lrcat.



      After updating LR, in order to open it, it now opens Lightroom 5 Catalog 3-2.lrcat.


      Now when I open LR, many of my folders are missing from the folders list under my external hard drive, "BP".


      The missing folders DO appear on the external hard drive, directly


      I recently signed up for Creative Cloud, not sure how to access/use as compared to my original Lightroom 5, I've been working in.


      I'm really hoping there's a fix to this issue and praying I didn't lose all the work I did to the images.


      Thank you