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    AMD processors not compatible at all with AE 2015.3?


      Installed AE 2015.3 from the Creative Cloud and it starts up but crashes as soon as the program windows pop up. I'm assuming my computer doesn't meet the specs. I have a dual core AMD A6-6400K with Radeon HD Graphics, 4.33 GHz, 16 GB Ram, and Windows 7 with Serv Pack 1. I seem to hit all the requirements except the processor. Is that why it keeps crashing? I have the Creative Cloud Full bundle monthly subscription but I don't think I can keep it if my computer won't run AE. It seems to run Premiere Pro 2015.3 just fine, but slow with FX of course. If I were to install a cheap dual core i5 would this run just fine? Really want to use AE...